Is Duncan Jones’ “Mute” The Worst Movie Netflix Has Ever Released?

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Netflix)

Wow. Netflix has done it again. Just yesterday, news of Jared Leto in “The Outsider” brought up questions of when the streaming service would manage to make an actually solid film, and now, Duncan Jones’ new movie has brought this topic to the forefront yet again.

“Mute” hasn’t been reviewed by many critics just yet, as it’s only just appeared on the scene, but the verdict thus far is pretty abysmal.

While we all know that Rotten Tomatoes isn’t a solid benchmark for quality, the evidence here is fairly conclusive among the few critics that have had the chance to see the film. The movie has an embarrassing 8% rating, with an average critic score of 2.8/10.

The movie’s audience score is better, surpassing “The Last Jedi” by hitting 69% positive with an average score of 3.6/5, but it remains to be seen how much this score has been bolstered by Jones’ diehard fans.

Mute Netflix
Source: Netflix

These two scores paint an increasingly common picture of a movie that is received by critics in a very different way to how average audiences view it. To hear fans tell the story, “Mute” is perfectly average in quality; not the best movie ever, but certainly not irredeemable. Critics, on the other hand, have thus far ranked this worse than 2016’s “Allegiant”, which killed the franchise dead.

Either way, both from audience scores and critic reviews, “Mute” is worse than “Bright”, a film that has been lambasted for its shoddy worldbuilding, meandering plot, and awkward racial undertones. It’s also a lot worse than Duncan Jones’ most recent previous movie, “Warcraft”, which didn’t exactly win anyone over.

Mute Paul Rudd
Source: Netflix

Apparently, Netflix really is incapable of backing a winning movie. It’s actually really impressive just how completely and totally the streaming service is failing in its quest for a genuine blockbuster movie hit.

This is kind of fun – as Netflix continues to strike out, the platform’s bosses will get increasingly desperate to find some kind of win. Look forward to some really weird Netflix Original movies coming in the near future.