Is Geoff Johns’ Departure the Beginning of the End for the DCEU?

Matthew Loffhagen
Warner Bros
(Photo: Warner Bros)

Geoff Johns is stepping down from his role as the Chief Creative Officer for DC Entertainment. He’s getting as far away from the DCEU as he can while still drawing a Warner Bros paycheck.

Johns will now be involved with writing and producing scripts for Warner’s Mad Ghost Productions. He’ll also apparently continue to oversee all DCEU movies currently on his docket, but after that, he’s peacing out.

This is not exactly unexpected.

The End is Nigh

The DCEU has been in a pretty terrible state lately. The failure of “Justice League” has pretty much killed off the former vision of this cinematic universe.

Johns was promoted to his role as Chief Creative Officer in the wake of criticism that was levied at “Batman v Superman”. He was expected to help give the studio greater structure, allowing for a firm direction and a uniform style across all projects.

Evil Superman
Source: Warner Bros

This has not exactly gone according to plan. Johns was intended to be the DCEU’s version of Kevin Feige, leading his team of creators to greater heights through cooperation and clear leadership.

Yeah. That didn’t happen.

Currently, projects in the works over at DC include a solo Joker origin movie starring Jared Leto which looks to be keeping the spirit of “Suicide Squad” alive, while we’re also getting an incredibly twee looking “Shazam!” movie that is aimed squarely at children.

Suicide Squad
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I can spot a rat fleeing a sinking ship when I see one. Johns is already convinced that the DCEU is going under, and he’s getting as far away as possible.

Johns isn’t the kind of man to go down with his ship. He got where he was by keeping the right people happy, and his departure from his own creative baby makes it clear that things aren’t looking good.

They Tried (and Tried and Tried)

I assume Johns is leaving of his own free will rather than being pushed. Otherwise, he’d be out on the street with Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon, both of whom have been dropped by Warner Bros after failing to deliver solid movies.

Oh, and also, Whedon had all those affairs that made his role as director of the “Batgirl” movie feel completely wrong.

I’d say we’re about to see the DCEU unravel. Geoff Johns is trying to save his own bacon as everything he’s half-built continues to crumble.