Is Jessica Chastain Really The Best Choice to Play Beverley in the “IT” Sequel?

Matthew Loffhagen
Warner Bros
(Photo: Warner Bros)

Well, it’s officially happening. Jessica Chastain is in talks to play Beverly in the sequel to last year’s “IT”.

All things considered, these talks will probably go well. Everyone wants Chastain in the role, including the guys making the movie, and Chastain herself isn’t going to turn down a brand new big starring role that’s essentially been giftwrapped for her.

As much as this might feel like a really good idea, though, it’s hard not to feel a slight sense of anticlimax at the news that movie audiences are probably going to get exactly what they’re hoping for.

Jessica Chastain and a Chalkboard
Source: Warner Bros

Jessica Chastain is the obvious choice for the role, but then, is it really all that fun to see an “IT” sequel that can be described as “obvious”?

This isn’t to say that there’s another big name actor in Hollywood that would seem like a better fit for Chastain, but then, that’s the point. Perhaps this movie would do better with an actor in the role who won’t draw so much attention.

Maybe, instead of Chastain, we’d be better getting someone in this role who will become a new breakout star, providing audiences everywhere with a brand new talented, capable female actor in her forties to get attached to. There really aren’t enough of these in starring roles in movies as it is, and considering that everyone’s already going to go see this movie, giving the gold star sequel’s biggest female role to such an established actor feels like a waste of an opportunity.

Beverley IT
Source: Warner Bros

This isn’t to say that Jessica Chastain won’t do a really great job in the role. She’ll probably be great, and people will love the movie for her involvement in it.

That being said, we were all probably going to love this movie anyway. It would have been nice to see a fresh perspective from an unknown actor rather than simply getting to see more of an established star filling the niche that she has almost exclusively to herself.