Is the “Riverdale” Black Hood Killer Really Dead After All?

Matthew Loffhagen
The CW
(Photo: The CW)

Here we go again: fan theorists are feeling vindicated after a tweet from “Riverdale” showrunner suggests that the Black Hood Killer might not be as dead as the mid-season finale wants us to believe.

Even at the time, the supposed conclusion to the Black Hood story arc felt more than a little flat. The creators behind “Riverdale” have since confessed to not having planned out who the killer would be in advance, and it really shows, with an unsatisfying reveal.

Shock, horror! The Black Hood was Mr Svenson all along! You know, that guy who’d only recently been introduced to the show, and who had appeared in maybe two episodes before he was unmasked.

Betty on the Phone
Source: The CW

The sheer, resounding thud of disappointment that surrounds this reveal has had fans of the show scrambling for some kind of explanation that might make the Black Hood feel like less of a let-down.

Their solution: perhaps Mr Svenson was’t the real Black Hood after all. Maybe someone else out there is still obsessing murderously over Betty.

This might sound far-fetched, but a recent tweet from showrunner Roberto Aguirre Sacasa seems to hint that there might be more to the Black Hood story than just Mr Svenson.

The tweet seems to suggest that someone is still stalking Betty, and casts aspersions on the idea that the Black Hood is really dead.

So perhaps there’s more to this mystery than initially meets the eye – certainly, it would be a shame for “Riverdale” to cap off such a compelling mystery in such a mundane way.

We know that Betty’s family is going to be appearing in the next half of the season, which has led some fans to suspect that either her father or brother Chic might be the real Black Hood, but this is all purely speculation at this point.

Or, perhaps all the fan theories are wrong, and the show is simply going to discard the Black Hood before moving on to another mystery that’s been in no way planned out.

Here’s hoping that isn’t the case – it’d be far more enjoyable to see this big story arc come back and deliver something akin to an actual payoff for long-time fans of the show.

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