Is “The X-Files” Season 11 Actually Worth Your Time?

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Fox)

Official word is in: “The X-Files” season eleven’s premiere episode is not very good.

Well, nuts, that’s a shame. According to early reviews, the first episode of the new season suffers from a lot of the same problems that plagued season ten, including slow pacing, a heavy emphasis on convoluted lore, and an uninspired central mystery.

Plus, somehow Scully is suffering from a debilitating medical condition yet again. Apparently new ideas are rare in the writing room for this show.

So, that sucks – especially after all that fans were promised from this show, being told by creators that season eleven would actively work to improve on the mistakes made when the show first returned.

There is, though, some good news, and a light at the end of the tunnel.

Thankfully, when studios hand out review copies of TV shows like “The X-Files”, they don’t just let people see the premiere episode. The first four episodes of the new season are in the hands of reviewers, and apparently, things get a lot better once the initial mystery of the season has wrapped up.

This makes sense, as it feels like a continuation of the successes and failures of season ten. The show’s initial revival is at its worst when trying to astound and amaze audiences with big, sprawling, mysterious conspiracies that ended up being too convoluted and time consuming.

X-Files Scully is Sick Again
Source: Fox

Instead, the best stuff from season ten is in the smaller stories; the one-off, creature-of-the-week episodes that tell smaller, self-contained stories.

Naturally, then, once season eleven gets the formalities of a big, showy opening number out of the way, there’ll logically be more of a chance for tighter, more focused adventures that are more enjoyable.

How this will all play out over the rest of the season is anyone’s guess, but for the moment, it looks like the premiere episode of “The X-Files” season eleven is just a big, hard slog that we’ll have to wade through before getting to the good stuff.

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