“IT” Has the Most Perfect Alternate Ending of Any Movie Ever Made

Matthew Loffhagen
Warner Bros
(Photo: Warner Bros)

If you’ve spent any time on YouTube, you’ve probably come across “How It Should Have Ended”, a series of animated shorts that provide funny alternate endings to popular movies.

These are always well made and very entertaining, and help to scratch the itch within all of us that makes us wonder what it’d be like if our favorite films took a different turn, or exploited plotholes in the narrative.

For example, the video for “The Lord of the Rings” shows the eagles flying Bilbo and friends straight to Mount Doom, as fans have noted they could have done with ease if they weren’t so inexplicably useless.

It seems that the creators of “IT” enjoy a good comedy alternate ending as much as any of us, as a deleted scene that has been released in lovely high definition on the movie’s Blu-Ray shortens the narrative somewhat.

It’s probably best to let you enjoy this for yourself, rather than spoiling the upcoming twist:

Yep, that’s pretty much the best deleted scene of all time.

It’s always fun to see a scary monster robbed of its terror by proving to be completely ineffective, and this works even better in a scenario where we’re dealing with a creature that only has power if its victims are scared of it.

If the kids of Derry were a little more trusting of strangers who hang around in sewers dressed as clowns, then Pennywise would never be able to hurt anyone.

“IT” is definitely a weird film, and it’s wonderful to see the creative team behind the movie taking all the terror out of their own creation in this way.

More movies should have deleted scenes like this!