James Franco Makes Fun Of Justin Bieber

Madison Vanderberg
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Here’s a video of James Franco doing a Justin Bieber impression in his own take on the music video, “Boyfriend.” It’s hilarious, it’s terrible, and I’m not quite sure Bieber will want to hang out with Franco after he sees this.
Franco, wearing a wig, hat, and oversized sweatshirt, gets his swag on in a poorly lit hotel room. The greatest part comes at the 1:20 mark when Franco tries to “dance.”
But most gossip-alicious about this video is that Franco’s rumored girlfriend and “Spring Breakers” co-star Ashley Benson appears in the video as “Selena Gomez” which is cray because they are totally BFF. Do U no wut I mean? IDK, like w/e.
Later in the video, things get X rated. I’m so serious. Some other girl, or maybe a guy in drag, it’s too dark to tell and the bone structure isn’t totally feminine, starts humping the hotel bed and licking Franco’s ear, a la, that brunette girl in the actual Bieber music video.
So now, Franco’s got Ashley AND the he/she getting up on him. Just typical Bieber stuff, you guys.
Anyways, Franco must have come down from his high and realized that he put this mess on the Internet and immediately took it down. Either that or he forgot that he’s been denying his relationship with Ashley and realized this only further fueled the rumor mill.
Watch the video here:

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