James Gunn Reveals the Sixth ‘Guardians 2’ Post-Credits Scene You’ll Never See

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Marvel)

It almost feels like James Gunn is showing off with the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

He’s aware that we’re all going to sit through the full credits a Marvel movie no matter what, so he figures he’ll just throw as many gags at us as possible while we’re waiting for the inevitable final stinger.

Apparently, though, while Guardians Vol. 2 had a full five post-credits scenes, this isn’t the extent of the footage that was shot to keep us busy while trying to learn all the names of the movie’s caterers. Another deleted scene was shot and ultimately scrapped, which would have brought back a character from earlier in the movie.

Spoiler alert from this point on, by the way.

At the point when Yondu gets hold of his mighty magic arrow and starts busting heads throughout the entire Ravager group, mercilessly slaughtering his own troops like a coldblooded psychopath that he apparently is, he shoots his signature weapon right through the Ravager Gef, who you might remember as the adorable guy with a big beard and goggles that make him look cross-eyed.

According to an interview between Gunn and USA Today, this character was initially planned to return in a scene during the credits:

“The scene Gunn left out involved Gef the Ravager, a quirky supporting character played by Steve Agee, who was hit by Yondu’s deadly arrow during a major fight. The director filmed a scene where heroes Gamora (Zoe Saldana) and Mantis (Pom Klementieff) are conversing and suddenly hear screaming. ‘We realize that Gef has been on the ship the entire time mortally wounded,’ Gunn says. ‘It ended up being a little confusing.’”

It’s pretty clear why this particular post-credits scene was cut – the inclusion of Gef, a character that most viewers probably overlooked entirely, wouldn’t exactly provide the same level of payoff as the movie’s other closing scenes.

It might have been seen by some as an indication that Gunn has more in store for Gef, but if he is truly mortally wounded, it’s probably for the best that in the final cut of the movie, he has a relatively quick and pain-free exit from mortality.

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