James McAvoy and Bill Hader Would Be Perfect Casting For “IT: Chapter 2”

Matthew Loffhagen
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“IT: Chapter 2” is going to be a hard movie to make.

Last year’s first half of the adaptation of the classic Stephen King novel ended up being a far bigger hit than anybody had anticipated, in large part because of the phenomenal cast of young actors who really sold the horror of the story.

The challenge with the sequel comes from replacing all of these fantastic actors with older replacements while still maintaining the tone and style of the original film.

It seems that the plan to help this process along is simple: “IT: Chapter 2” will be filled with big-name stars who are at the top of their respective careers, in order to provide the highest quality acting possible.

It’s hard to argue with a sound plan, especially considering how much more expensive this movie will inevitably be to make!

Jessica Chastain was pretty much always the top choice for Beverley, so when she signed on for the sequel, it felt like things were already heading in the right direction.

James McAvoy in Split
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Now, another two possible casting choices have been announced, and they sound equally perfect. James McAvoy is currently in talks to play Bill Denbrough, arguably the lead role in the first film, and certainly the author self-insert character, considering that in the book he grows up to be a horror writer.

So, feel free to imagine that McAvoy will basically be playing Stephen King himself.

Meanwhile, Bill Hader could end up playing Richie Tozier, aka the character from the first movie that made everyone go “Hey, that’s the kid from ’Stranger Things’!”.

Good Things to Come

I am completely on board with this casting. Both McAvoy and Hader are phenomenal actors in their own rights, and both seem uniquely suited to bringing both dramatic weight and a sense of childlike enthusiasm to the role. There needs to be a shred of youth behind both of these characters, considering that the central theme of the movie will be the difficulty of returning to your childhood and enduring traumatic memories.

Bill Hader
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Even if this particular casting doesn’t work out, though, I’m optimistic for the film. The fact that Hader and McAvoy are being considered makes it clear that no expense is being spared with this movie.

As difficult as it might be to replace pretty much every actor in a film’s sequel, it seems like the team behind “IT: Chapter 2” are looking in the right place.

Let’s all just hope that things work out!