January Jones is Ready to Date Another Actor (like Liam?)

John Howard

Get your magnifying glasses and coloring books out, kids. It’s time to decode celebrity statements…

Now that rumors have been blasted across gossip outlets that Miley Cyrus’ fiancé Liam Hemsworth might have spent a hot moment with January Jones, scandal followers are combing the actress’ previous statements like pet owners looking for fleas.

One of the comments that apparently turned up, was this one that Jones gave to the new issue of Britain’s Glamour magazine:

“There was a time in my life when I said I’d never date another actor. But it’s hard to meet people outside of my job … In life, you tend to date the people who are around you, people you see every day. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to date someone who does our job, because it’s so transient. You’re never in the same place for long.”

The actress was referring to her previous romances with actors Ashton Kutcher and Jason Sudeikis.

Jones added that she doesn’t “really have a type. But someone who is kind is important to me. Someone who I can have a laugh with, someone to trust.”

In other words, probably not someone who is currently scheduled to marry another woman in the near future.

As we previously conveyed, Jones and Hemsworth were photographed together in the backseat of a car. The sighting happened after the couple was reportedly canoodling together in a pre-Oscar party.

You can catch up on all the juicy drama here.

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