Jennifer Aniston’s Embarrassing Overseas Commercial

Madison Vanderberg
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Sometimes big-time Hollywood stars will head over to Europe and Asia to film really cheesy commercials for a huge paycheck.

Basically, instead of Jennifer Aniston doing another bad RomCom here in the states, she lends her talents to Internet Service commercials in the U.K. which probably pay her a pretty penny and nobody in Hollywood will ever see the super goofy commercial…errr, wait.Jen’s commercial for Sky Broadband was released online and it’s arguably the silliest thing I’ve ever seen.

Jen is sitting in a café, hopped up on caffeine, with about 15 cups of empty coffee sitting in front of her. It’s like she never left the Central Perk when “Friends” ended, or something.

The UK actors, playing Café employees, concerned by Jen’s caffeine habit ask her, “Is everything alright at home, love?”

“Devastating. Devastating,” says a jittery Jen, “My internet is down again. Again!”

Omg, the dialogue in this commercial is literally breaking my heart right now. Someone was paid to write that?! Argggghhhh.

Then when the café employee explains to her how to switch over to a new Internet carrier, Jen is ecstatic.

“That’s fantastic. That’s what I’m going to do!” says Jen, “Oh, I feel so much more relaxed.”

Kudos for Jen for turning that terrible commercial copy writing into something that sounds human.

Then Jen leaves the café and is so wired and excited she breaks the front door. Yes, this is happening, you guys.

Happy Friday, enjoy Jennifer Aniston in a weird commercial.

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