Jennifer Lawrence’s Wild Night With Snoop and Ben Affleck

John Howard

Well, this is an unlikely group of party pals.

Jennifer Lawrence, Ben Affleck and Snoop Dogg Lion all reportedly partied together on Monday night. The affair went down during The Hollywood Reporter’s Nominees’ Night 2013 at Spago in Beverly Hills.

According to People, the improbable trio came together with the happenstance of a planets-aligning kind of moment.

See, the Argo director was apparently schmoozing it up with a bunch of—probably—industry folks. (Possibly pitching a sequel to Good Will Hunting – We don’t know…) 

Then, Lawrence arrived in the company of her Silver Linings Playbook costar Julia Stiles and the ladyforce duo stole the show.

Everyone made the mandatory Jennifer Lawrence compliment, praising her for her talent, beauty, and all other things she maintains superiority to over the rest of mankind.

What no one realized was that they were all there not to celebrate the Oscars, but to instead be re-introduced to the artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg’s new and improved Rastafarian/DJ persona.

Snoop went by Snoopadelic that night. He mixed songs ranging from Pat Benatar to 2 Chainz for the high-brow crowd, then called Affleck over to snap a photo with him.

Just a typical night in Hollywood…