Jeremy Irons Will Be Perfect For Any Role in the “Watchmen” TV Show

Matthew Loffhagen
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Jeremy Irons has been cast in a mystery role in the “Watchmen” TV series, and he is an absolutely perfect choice.

It doesn’t matter what Irons is going to do, he’ll be perfect no matter what.

The “Watchmen” TV show is going to be an interesting experience. Showrunner Damon Lindelof has stated that it’s not going to be an adaptation of the classic Alan Moore comic, but rather a wholly new story set within the same universe.

Or, possibly, the same universe as the existing Zack Snyder movie. Things aren’t entirely clear.

What Watchmen?

It looks like what we’ll be getting is an exploration of the future of the “Watchmen” timeline, looking far beyond the events of the original story and into a new era of depraved gritty superhero angst.

There’s an ongoing comic series from DC, written by former DCEU overseer Geoff Johns, which is exploring something very similar. I wouldn’t be too surprised if the TV show shares some of the same ideas with this comic book.

As nothing about the new “Watchmen” show is set in stone, there’s no information about what roles any of the actors will be playing. It’s impossible to speculate on who Jeremy Irons will be playing, because we know nothing about the series and what character it’ll feature.

Watchmen Comedian
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That said, it’s hard to think of a better choice for the “Watchmen” universe.

Jeremy Irons is an actor who’s long been associated with sinister roles, and even when playing good guys like Alfred Pennyworth in the DCEU, he’s also just a little dark.

Jeremy Irons
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The “Watchmen” movie shares a vague aesthetic (and several actors) with Snyder’s work on the DCEU, so it’s very fitting that Irons should jump across from his role as Alfred into the other side of Warner Bros’ live action comic book universe.

Whatever he’s going to do, Irons is an ideal choice, and his casting adds a certain legitimacy to “Watchmen” that could well make the show more appealing to a wider audience.

Who Will Watch “Watchmen”?

It’ll be interesting to see how the show is received once it arrives. I get the feeling that viewers have soured towards these kinds of dark, grumpy comic book universes. There’s definitely an audience for this sort of thing, but it’s an increasingly niche fanbase.

Nevertheless, if anyone’s going to make the “Watchmen” TV show worthwhile, it’s going to be the voice of Scar.