Jessica Alba Gives Fans Sterile Kisses

John Howard

During a Tuesday night appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” things got a little weird. So weird, in fact, that Jessica Alba probably regretted going on the show.

Jessica became bubble girl, staged in a glass telephone booth like box, fitted with rubber gloves—AKA the “Celebrity Kissing Booth.”

With it, she offered up her kissing and hugging services to, as Jimmy Kimmel’s reporter in the field said, “some of the loneliest perverts in Hollywood.”

Men and women lined up for their chance at the fiery hot actress’ sterile love action.

Video posted on the late night show’s YouTube page plays back all the wet and sloppy action…

“I’m feeling hot and bothered… But not in a good way,” Jessica says in the clip, prior to puckering up.

She squirms as the host demonically picks the lucky individuals from the massive line… The first up is a redheaded woman who claims it has “always been a dream” of hers to make out with the Sin City star.

The girl brought her friend and it was awesome…

Jessica had her pick of the litter next: a sturdy looking fellow from the back of the crowd—less lesbian-y, but still pretty awesome.

Watch how the antics play out below:

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