Jessica Biel Is Launching A Sex Ed Series

Haley Dodd
(Photo: Getty)

 Jessica Biel wants to talk to you about sex.


When Jessica revealed that it was time for her and husband Justin Timberlake to have a baby she came to find out that she knew nothing about her body.


“Now what happens?” Biel said after she got off the Pill. She told Glamour magazine that it once she got off the Pill she had no idea how hard it would be to get pregnant.

"Suddenly I realized I really didn't know what's going on inside my own body," the new mom told the mag. "It was shocking."


All of Biel’s questions came to a revelation that she wants to inform other women who don’t have the same luxury of learning about their body and the knowledge of safe sex.

Mrs. Timberlake joined with activist and founder of WomanCare Global, Saundra Pelletier, to launch an online video series that will cover “everything from puberty to contraception.”


“We want girls to know what their (body is going through) so they don’t feel scared or ashamed or gross,” she told Glamour.

The 33-year-old mom also recounts the time she got her period in 5th grade and feeling so embarrassed. “I was in a school play, wearing a gray beard and this pad the size of a skateboard and thinking, What is happening to me?”


Biel is now excited to share her knowledge and opens to inform women in a light-hearted manner.

“To get the message out”, Biel says, “we share girl stories, fears and insecurities. The tone is informative but also goofy, smart, witty.”

You can watch all of her sex-ed videos at