J.J. Abrams Says He’s Done With Movie Reboots, Will Now Focus on Original Stories

Matthew Loffhagen
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Good news, Battlestar Galactica fans. You’re safe!

J.J. Abrams isn’t planning on giving your beloved franchise the Star Trek Into Darkness treatment any time soon.

While the director of 2009’s Star Trek and 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens has his fair share of fans, it’s fairly safe to say that the majority of his reboots and sequel movies don’t steer too far into uncharted territory.

Star Trek Into Darkness reshot a lot of scenes from The Wrath of Kahn almost shot for show, while finding an original plot point in The Force Awakens is like trying to bullseye a womp rat in a T-16 without using the Force.

Even Abrams’ original movies, such as Super 8 borrows more than a few concepts from other science fiction movies that have come before. To a certain extent, J.J. Abrams has built a career around repurposing and recycling old ideas, then getting all the credit for the derivative movie that this produces.

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In fairness to Abrams, these films are generally well received (Into Darkness being the obvious exception). But for those who’d like to see Abrams introduce a little more originality into his work, a recent comment that the director made at the Golden Globes suggests that, at the very least, he won’t be rebooting and more films in the near future:

“You know, I feel incredibly lucky to have gotten involved in things that I loved when I was a kid. In fact, even Westworld, which we’re here for tonight, is one of them. But I don’t feel any desire to do that again. I feel like I’ve done enough of that that I’m more excited about working on things that are original ideas that perhaps one day someone else will have to reboot.”

Of course, while Abrams may be swearing off movie reboots, it remains to be seen whether his next work will actually be particularly original – especially as the director is still slated to produce movies based on the Half Life and Portal video games. These movies will hardly be original concepts.

But there is a chance that perhaps, for at least one film in the near future, J.J. Abrams will try his hand at doing more than just copying popular movies that have come before.

If this is his plan, here’s hoping that he’s able to keep away from magic blood that can revive the dead, or intergalactic teleporters that make spaceships entirely obsolete.

Star Trek Into Darkness has left a bad taste in a lot of nerdy mouths.


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