Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Break Up For Good

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Well it’s officially over… Again… For realz…

The on-again, off-again couple that had fallen off our radar for a bit is now hitting headlines again, and this time they’re OFFICIALLY over. Based on new details, it appears that a concluding fallout drove the final nail into a coffin that now holds their broken romance.

According to Us Weekly, who has been in touch with a source close to the situation, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, or better known as Justina played out its final scene—and it’s a tragedy.

Based on the report, it was the 20-year-old “Spring Breakers” star that manned-up and threw the hammer down after Justin screwed up.

“They had another huge fight, and Selena won’t forgive him,” the source said. 

Meanwhile, Justin huddles in a metaphorical corner, weeping over his lost love. 

“He’s been really down about the breakup,” the source added.

It was just earlier this week that we learned Justin’s fan-anticipated Believe Acoustic album—due out Jan. 29th, 2013—would feature at least one breakup song on it.

“Justin always goes above and beyond for us. 11 songs on believe acoustic I’m hype. I have a feeling one song will be about breakups,” Twitter user @trillbiebah tweeted at the Biebs.  

Giving a social media nod to the fan follower, Justin retweeted the message in what would appear to not only back this new report, but also go on to serve as his official breakup announcement.  

A source who’s friends with Selena said that she’s is formally “done with him,” adding that the 18-year-old world traveler—who was just pictured smoking (probably) weed—was a “bad influence.”

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