Justin Bieber: Dead Photog Was Harassing Me

Madison Vanderberg
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Yesterday, a paparazzi was tragically killed while trying to snap photographs of Justin Bieber’s white Ferrari when he was hit by oncoming traffic.

Justin Bieber was not present at the scene, but he has released a statement urging a call to action for stricter paparazzi laws to avoid any future fatalaties whether it involves the celeb or the photog.

That being said, Justin and the dead photog Chris Guerra apparently had it out for each other.

Chris claimed he saw Justin smoking weed in his Ferrari earlier that day, too bad multiple sources said the only time JB left his hotel on New Year’s Day was to go to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles for lunch and apparently he was never seen smoking.

That being said, anyone who goes to Roscoe’s is making a super valid claim for having the munchies.

Chris also told people he saw Selena’s car parked at Justin’s hotel that same day, but other sources said Selena and Justin had a massive fight on December 30 and broke up, so Selena was nowhere near Justin on New Year’s day.

It’s unsure just how long Chris had been stalking Justin, but it appears from the way sources talk about it, Chris had been obsessed with Justin for a long while before the incident.

Justin reportedly had “very little respect” for Chris, but didn’t want to say anything out of respect for Chris’ family. This according to TMZ.


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