Justin Bieber Defeated As Most Popular Person on Twitter

Matt Dekneef

Move over, Justin Bieber. Another pop star has been making waves in the Twittersphere and was named the most popular person on the social media site.

The newly crowned Twitter champion? It goes to Katy Perry, who over the weekend knocked the male singer off the top spot on the Twitter charts.

Her 46.54 million followers edged past Justin’s 46.51 million.

It was a unilateral move for Katy who also overtook Justin on Facebook with 59.26 million friends. Justin currently sits at 57.28 million.

It’s been a real game of musical chairs for celebs in the music industry on the social side of things. Earlier this year, Justin dethroned the original Queen of Social Media Lady Gaga, only to be outdone by Katy this week.

You could also interpret these numbers as a reflection of how these three acts are perceived in the media. Gaga’s popularity has taken a dip due to critically tepid reviews of her latest single “Applause” and the constant media reports about Justin’s rebellious behavior may have attributed to these figures. Of the three, Katy has the biggest radio hit this year with “Roar” and her album PRISM is still currently charting successfully.


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