Justin Bieber Finally Forced to Move by Angry Neighbors

Madison Vanderberg

For nearly a year we’ve been reporting on Justin Bieber’s crazy antics. But long before he started partying with hookers and long before he graffiti’d foreign countries, Justin kept his bad behavior local.

The pop star has thrown loud raucous parties and drag raced his expensive cars around in his quiet neighborhood in Calabasas. He even supposedly spit in a neighbor’s face when they tried to confront him.

His neighbors have been trying to get him exiled (that sounds dramatic, but it fits here) from the neighborhood and it’s finally happening.

A source close to Justin told Hollyscoop that Justin IS selling his house and it’s all because of pressure from the neighbors.

“It’s gotten really nasty. The community he lives in is all families and the entire community has had enough of his parties and speed racing,” said the source.

Justin’s mom wants him to move to the Hollywood Hills because there are fewer families up in the Hills.

So that’s that. Justin has finally been pushed out of his own home.


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