Justin Bieber Gets Backlash for Insensitive Video

Matt Dekneef

Justin Bieber is back in the news this morning and as usual it’s not for something good.

The singer posted an Instagram video in which he parodies an old “Intervention” episode—the one that features the recovering crack addict with the…interesting outburst.

In case your history of Internet viral videos is rusty and you need your memory jogged, here’s the original clip:

Justin—out of boredom or just being 500 years late to the joke (What’s next from Justin? An Instagram video parodying this new craze called cronuts?)—then made his own version parodying the clip, which you can watch here:

Because of the typically sensitive content on “Intervention,” he’s receiving a backlash online for what many are considering to be a low blow from the performer.

Then again, it’s also worth noting that esteemed “Mad Men” acteur Jon Hamm made a similar parody on “SNL” a couple of years ago—when this episode was still semi-topical:

What do you think? Is the response to Justin’s video overly critical or on target?

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