Justin Bieber: I Own You If You Party With Me

Madison Vanderberg
(Photo: wenn.com)

By now you’ve probably seen the photos of Justin Bieber smoking a blunt, right?

I’m sure a lot of parents of teenaged girls are going to have to do the old D.A.R.E demonstration now i.e. “this is your brain ON DRUGS!” speech, to explain why their idol JB is puffing away at a party.

But I digress, the point of this story is to tell you that whoever took those photos is in BIG trouble with Bieber himself because Bieber has a policy that whenever he goes to a party, he owns ANYTHING that happens there.

Let me explain. Whenever Justin goes to a party, his security team will put up an actual sign at the party that says “any and all photos taken at the party do NOT belong to the people who took them, they all belong to Justin Bieber.”

Talk about a control freak. This sign practice, besides making Bieber the most annoying person at the party, is in an attempt for Justin’s partying ways to avoid leaking to the media. The point being, Justin is probably a huge party animal.

What kind of stuff are you getting into if you need to control every photo taken at the party?

According to TMZ, not only does Justin’s team put the signs up, they are also in charge of managing the party. I.e. Justin controls the party as soon as he shows up.

In related news, some are saying that Justin Bieber’s new BFF, rapper Lil Twist, is a bad influence on the singer. Lil Twist was reportedly the one rolling blunts for Bieber at the party AND Lil Twist was driving Bieber’s car when the paparazzi was killed.

Apparently Bieber’s team wants the Biebs to cut ties with Lil Twist before he gets into more trouble, you know like getting caught DRINKING A BEER! Oh, the horror!

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