Justin Bieber Pays Drivers with Selfies Now

Madison Vanderberg
(Photo: Instagram)

So, a Justin Bieber selfie is as good as currency now apparently?

Justin Bieber hired a Venice Beach rickshaw driver for a ride along the sand while on a date with his new girl Yovanna Ventura. This is HIS story.

“[Justin] told me he wanted a ride to the Santa Monica pier, a good 15-20 minute ride,” said the driver.


Seen above, a shirtless Justin Bieber with his date Yovanna.


“Justin and Yovanna snuggled up in the back of the buggy, but I didn’t hear them speak a word to each other the entire time I was with them,” said the driver.


Here they are on a different night, presumably also not talking.


“[Justin] continually yelled at me to slow down and he demanded that his bodyguard run to keep up with us since he couldn’t fit in the buggy, too.”

Video of Bieber’s bodyguard running alongside them for SEVERAL MILES.


After the ride, Justin agreed to take a photo in the buggy but refused to pay.

Justin Bieber Crew

Justin reportedly told the driver, “The picture you just took is good enough for your payment.”



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