Justin Bieber Reckless Driving Terrorizes Neighbors

Madison Vanderberg

Yesterday we reported that Justin Bieber’s neighbor accused him of physical assault when he confronted the boy wonder about speeding in their residential neighborhood in his Ferrari.

The guy told Bieber to slow down and Bieber pulled a douche card, telling the guy to get off his lawn and reportedly actually physically threatening him (the guy is only 5’7” and weighs less than Bieber, so we believe it).  

However, it goes deeper than that. The entire neighborhood is terrified of Bieber’s driving antics. He is known to race 100 mph around their gated community. 

The neighbor said Bieber was drag racing around the block at 9:00 am in his Ferrari putting neighbors, kids, and animals at risk.

The man said his wife was walking their dog, when she saw Bieber zipping around on joyrides in his new Ferrari.

The guy also added that when he went to confront Bieber, the Biebs was all heated up and super defensive about. Bieber didn’t even apologize, instead he told the man to back off.

Also, TMZ has photos of Bieber unabashedly making a left turn through a red light in Calabasas just hours after his neighbor accused him of reckless driving.

If Bieber lives in a gated community and is freaking out the residents with his Nascar-style driving, do you think the neighbors can collectively kick him out? Can they do that in a gated community?

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