Justin Bieber Spotted Smoking Weed In Amsterdam

Madison Vanderberg

Just when you thought Justin Bieber’s PR nightmare had finally ran it’s course, Breakdown Bieber decided the best way to improve his less-than-stellar image was to go to Amsterdam, where prostitution and marijuana are legal, and enjoy some cannabis, because that’s what you do when everyone thinks you’re a hoodrat and a spoiled brat and you want to put an end to the bad press…(It’s not).

Bieber was spotted by a fan at a café in Amsterdam called Easy Time where he was reportedly spotted smoking a joint and eating pot brownies.

Last time Bieber was caught smoking weed, the Internet broke and Bieber had to issue a pseudo-apology online because the majority of his fans are 12 and still think that drugs lead to teen pregnancy which leads to jail time which leads to death. And to any 12-year-olds reading this, drugs are bad, D.A.R.E. and whatever.

While in the city of sin (Amsterdam, NOT Vegas) Bieber also reportedly tried to hit up nightclub De Melkweg where he pulled two girls out of the crowd to party with him, but unfortunately there were no tables available and Bieber was sent out of the club. Apparently Amsterdam doesn’t know that celebs are given special treatment.

In related news, Bieber has been asked to sell off two of his flashy sports cars when he returns to L.A. to help improve his image. Apparently he’ll look less like a d-bag if he has fewer sports cars. I don’t know who made that decision, but the report is coming from UK tabloid The Daily Star, whose reports are usually suspect, so…

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