Justin Bieber Still Struggling With Facial Hair

Madison Vanderberg

Justin Bieber is still trying to grow facial hair. Awww, bless his hairless little heart.

Bieber just posted another obnoxious Instagram selfie, one of those where he looks constipated or like he’s staring directly into the sun. In this one he’s growing out a blonde goatee.

It’s equal parts creepy AND endearing. Like we want to pat him on the back and say “keep up the good work” but we also don’t want to make direct eye contact with IT. 

This is just like that OTHER time he posted a photo of his peach fuzz upper lip and called it mustache movember like all the grown up boys with real facial hair.

It’s too bad money can’t buy you a beard? Cuz he’d probably buy a gold one and then accidentally lose it at a nightclub. 

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