Justin Roiland of ‘Rick and Morty’ Prank Called Joel Osteen, and it was Beautifully Surreal

Matthew Loffhagen
Adult Swim
(Photo: Adult Swim)

The world is not particularly pleased with Joel Osteen’s megachurch at present.

If you have an enormous commercial enterprise (that’s conveniently tax-free) that involves poor people giving you money in exchange for razzle dazzle religious showmanship, and you refuse to open your building to let flood victims in during Storm Harvey, you’re going to make some people mad.

One of those people is Justin Roiland, co-creator of Rick and Morty, who also provides the voice for everyone’s favorite mad scientist, Rick Sanchez.

While appearing as a guest on the H3 Podcast, Roiland called Joel Osteen’s prayer hotline, demanding to speak to the big man himself to ask questions about his response to the Harvey victims’ need for shelter.

Naturally, Roiland did so while in character as Rick. Also naturally, he didn’t exactly get a straight answer.

It’s worth listening to the entire video clip, but just in case you can’t the result of Roiland’s call was an increasingly baffled phoneline operator speaking in “tongues” whenever she was asked a difficult question.

No matter how much shade Roiland threw at the woman – calling her speech “baby talk” and “Klingon”, the woman wouldn’t let up. It’s worth assuming that she’s probably had some training in dealing with argumentative callers (the church has no doubt had more than a few angry calls over the past week), and while this kind of response isn’t great for PR, it definitely did its job in shutting down further discussion about Osteen’s misdeeds.

It felt for a while like Rick had met his match, faced with a phone operator who refused to see reason or speak in English, until Roiland himself also launched into some “tongues” speech, which was so absurd and ridiculous that even the woman on the phone found herself laughing uncontrollably.

The call ended when the woman had finally had enough, and Roiland was put on hold and subsequently disconnected.

And so, Rick Sanchez has successfully vanquished one of Joel Osteen’s minibosses. Whether he’ll be able to take on the big guy himself remains to be seen, but if we ever get a rematch, it’ll no doubt be spectacular!