Kanye West: I Want to Be a Soccer Dad

Matt Dekneef

Fatherhood is bringing out a softer side in Kanye West.

The rapper, known for being brazenly outspoken and a full-time braggadocio, toned it down (at parts) in a morning interview this week with 97.1 AMP Radio where he said he’s devoting all he does to make sure his new family is solid and taken care of.

Kanye welcomed a daughter, North West, with Kim Kardashian this past summer, where he said, “I hang out with my girl and my daughter every day. No place I’d rather be. Not even when I’m thinking about things I’m creating in business, my biggest goal is to get home to family.”

His mission right now is to strike a balance between his out-of-this-world onstage persona while also being the most down-to-earth father.

“I want to figure out a way to do my work,” Kanye continued, “and be my daughter’s soccer coach. I’m going to be a soccer coach and redesign their uniforms. I’ll redesign the minivan.”

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