Kanye West Sued by Paparazzi and Gloria Allred

Madison Vanderberg

Oh sh*t. Gloria Allred, the woman who represents fame-whores looking to sue celebrities for a quick buck, has just taken on the punched out paparazzi in the infamous 2013 case of Kanye West’s Wrist vs. the Paparazzi.

This is just ONE of Kanye’s many paparazzi attacks, we honestly can’t keep track anymore. Apparently this is the guy that Kanye punched at LAX last month, not to be confused with the other time Kanye punched someone at LAX.

The paparazzo and Gloria held a press conference today where the dude, Daniel, revealed that he spent two grueling weeks in crutches after the attack and now walks with a limp, we mean a cane, not a limp.

This can only end one way. With Kanye giving the dude a ton of money to shut up and go away.

We’ll watch how this one plays out. 


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