Kanye West Would Change Last Name to Kardashian

Matt Dekneef

This could be the most provocative thing Kanye West has ever said: he would change his surname from “West” to “Kardashian.”

During an erratic interview the rapper gave this week at Power 105.1 Breakfast Club, Kanye admitted he could care less if people want to lob him into his fiancée’s polarizing family and call him “Kanye Kardashian.”

After radio host Charlamagne Tha God introduced the rapper as such, he broached the topic, asking him, “Does it bother you when I call you Kanye Kardashian?”

Kanye’s answer? “Man, Imma tell you something, at nighttime when I go to bed with my girl, I would change my last name,” Kanye said with a laugh.

Clearly Kanye has a sense of humor about the family he’ll be marrying into, while also revealing this lesson: Kim calls the shots in the bedroom.

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