Kate Middleton: Maternity Style Icon

Matt Dekneef
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The world is abuzz with Kate Middleton’s baby bump. Everyone’s predicting if it’ll be a boy or girl and what it’s respective name will be, but a dialogue that we’re not having yet is what Kate will wear in the coming months.

Reality is Kate has reached global style icon status—from her Sarah Burton royal wedding gown to any Jenny Packham dress she wears—but is there room to continue donning her crown while pregnant? According to Hollyscoop stylist Kara Magee, of course there is. More room than ever.

“Kate goes for style that is classic elegance over trends and tends to pick silhouettes that show off her petite frame,” says Kara.

“Being pregnant won’t change the style the world loves, but she will be picking clothing that will embrace the baby bump instead of showing off her petite frame. She’ll have to go for clothing that has more stretch to it like a jersey dress of sweaters that cover her rear and bump.”

Dressing for pregnancy isn’t an everyday occurrence in a woman’s life. Kara predicts the World’s Favorite Duchess won’t hide it either. “When Princess Diana was pregnant, she hid the bump by wearing baggy clothing, but with Kate I think she’ll embrace her bump. The world loves her and will want to see her bump and how the pregnancy is treating her and see how she’s doing every step of the way.”

Not only does the world want to see Kate rocking the bump, but so do designers.

Remember when she wore that pair of nude Marks & Spencer shoes in September? Those became a must-have item as soon as they hit the web and sold out at the retailer in record time, and the same goes for nearly anything she wears, from dresses, coats, hats, and if history is to repeat its present self, maternity wear is next.

“The world is in love with Kate and is obsessed with what she wears,” says Kara. “It’s proven that any item of clothing she wears sells out within a matter of minutes. Pregnancy won’t change that. The maternity and baby world is getting geared up for the Middleton Effect by sending and showering her with gifts and clothing. They know that by having Kate wear or even mention their brand, they get free worldwide press and their product gets sold out.”

At this rate, Middleton Maternity will be the next hot trend.

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