Kate Middleton’s Parents Cash In On Royal Pregnancy

Madison Vanderberg
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Kate Middleton is pregnant with the heir to the royal throne, so naturally her parents are trying to turn their two degrees of separation into cash money!

Hey, I ain’t mad at them. They are basically doing with money exactly what Pippa Middleton has been doing with her social presence for the past year i.e. taking advantage of the “Middleton” name.

Kate’s parents own a very popular mail-order party supply company called Party Pieces and they’ve just released a line of baby shower products with a “little prince” and “princess,” theme.

There are plates that say “A new little prince” with a picture of a crown.

But can we blame them? If you think the US is obsessed with all-things-Royal, the Brits are even more obsessed with Royal-anything.

Any party planner will try to host a Royal-inspired baby shower, so Kate’s parents can’t ignore what the people want. It’s not their fault that the royal heir is going to be falling out of their daughter’s va-jay-jay in several months.

This isn’t the first time Kate’s parents have been “accused” of profiting from their daughter’s fame.

They also released royal wedding party goods before the April 2011 wedding and the queen’s Diamond Jubilee themed paper goods as well.

Is no-one else sensing the hilarious irony that Kate’s parents are pushing royal paper products while Kate’s future kid will probably be welcomed into the world by drinking out of a goblet encrusted with rubies? 

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