Kelly Clarkson Hints She Might Be Pregnant

Madison Vanderberg

Kelly Clarkson hasn’t exactly been shy about her plans to get knocked up. She revealed a few weeks ago that she wanted to be pregnant by Christmas and we think she got her wish.

Kelly went on The Tonight Show to promote nothing, essentially, so the talk turned to babies: “I just got married, I’m not actually promoting anything, look at me, I’m famous” (as most of these interviews tend to go.)

Kelly told Jay Leno that she and hubby Brandon Blackstock were “practicing” so Jay straight up asked her, “Are you pregnant right now?”

Kelly got all self-conscious and said, “What are you saying?”

Uhh, it’s pretty damn clear, KELLY. What part of “are you pregnant RIGHT NOW” is confusing?

Jay elaborated, “I always get these stars that come and go, ‘I’m thinking about having a baby,’ and then the next week they go on Ellen and announce it there. So I’m asking you, are you pregnant?”

Kelly responded, “We are not announcing anything right now. We’re not, no!”


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