Kevin Feige Reveals the Best Part of Filming ‘Infinity War,’ and It’s Absolutely Adorable!

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Marvel)

Take a guess at what you think Kevin Feige enjoys most about filming Infinity War. Here’s a clue: it relates to the actors involved.

No, it’s not seeing all of these talented individuals suit up for a movie. After all, as the producer on all of Marvel’s many movies, Feige sees that regularly.

Instead, the grand poohbah of the MCU has been having a whale of a time watching various Marvel stars geek out about finally meeting one another.

Speaking in an interview with Fandango, Feige explained the gleeful fun of watching Hollywood’s biggest actors getting starstruck over one another:

“There is nothing more fun about seeing superstars who carry their own franchises – and essentially have seen it all and done it all – coming onto a set and meeting other actors and A-listers and iconic characters in costumes, and seeing them get giddy. Seeing them turn into kids because of how excited they are on set. That is happening every day right now.”

Okay, that certainly does sound absolutely adorable.

It’s worth assuming that this excitement and energy will cross over into the actors’ on-screen performances, leading to a movie that’s full of banter and character moments that make the enormous mega crossover all the more enjoyable.

Infinity War keeps sounding better and better.

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