Kim Kardashian Designing A Baby Fashion Line

Madison Vanderberg

Now that Kim Kardashian is happily a baby mama to Kanye West and is supposed to become more “private” or whatever, we have no idea what she’s going to do for her “career,” because in it’s current form, her “job” is basically just talking about herself and hoping people care.

Now that Kim doesn’t leave her house and Kanye attacks any paparazzi in sight, Kim is going to need a career change or a new fragrance launch or something!

In walks a convenient new career as a “fashion designer” of what else, baby clothes.

“I am sure she is going to come up with a line for babies,” Kim’s fashion designer pal Lloyd Klein told the NY Daily News.

Well, if a “fashion designer” confirms it then it MUST be true!

Lloyd told the paper, “It is very cute to design for babies. It would be soft colors, pastels, something very dreamy and still trendy.”

Oh thank god, babies should ONLY be dreamy but “still trendy.” There’s nothing worse than a baby in a soft onesie that is NOT on-trend at all. 

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