Kim Kardashian Flaunts Toned New Body

Matt Dekneef

A new day is dawning on Kim Kardashian’s body. The reality star uploaded these two photos of her core and, well, watch out 2014 because that waist and butt is definitely coming for all 365 days of you.

“Getting right for the new year” and a praying emoji were all that accompanied Kim’s selfie of her latest figure. She was accompanied by girlfriend Blac Chyna for moral support.

The pair of photos have garnered spirited praise and comments of encouragement within her fan base, but is it all smoke and mirrors, literally?

Suspicion has circulated over just how authentic this spontaneous photo shoot is; the image near Kim’s waist appears to be warped to bring her midsection in. Look at the door frame and bathroom tiles and you’ll see they appear to be leaning into the center of the image. A little Photoshop collateral damage, if you will.

Don’t knock her though. It’s not like she captioned her photos #nofilter.

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