Kim Kardashian Rants About North West

Matt Dekneef

The momma claws are out. Kim Kardashian is lashing out at critics who have claimed she is not spending enough time with her newborn daughter North West and if you’re in that camp of haters, she has an earful and then some for you.

On Saturday, Kim tweeted, “We took our baby girl swimming today for the 1st time, we loved it so much! #BestDayEver,” to which one commenter questioned if it really happened because there was no photo attached.

Infuriated by the suggestion that she isn’t a good mom, Kim hit back at the remark with this spirited response (all sic): “u sound so ignorant. Bc I don’t tweet or instagram my every move w my daughter means I am not with her 247? We share what we want. Or is it bc I go support my fiance at every show & I post pix? When the baby goes down 4 bed or a nap, parents are allowed 2 work & support each other, maybe eve have fun too.”

Clearly this wasn’t the first time Kim has heard these accusations. But it appears this anonymous comment was the last straw and she couldn’t stomach her frustrations any longer.

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