Kim Kardashian Shares Dorkiest Throwback of Nicole Richie

Matt Dekneef

Have you ever wondered what seminal teen series “My So-Called Life” would look like if E! ever sunk its teeth into it, mangled it for a solid 29 minutes then left it on the side of the 405? Then look at this photo.

Kim Kardashian, with a little free time between her second and third manicures of the day, posted this vintage look into the adolescent years of hers and Nicole Richie’s lives and omg don’t look right away because that’ll be so obvious so play it real cool and CHECK OUT THOSE SWEET ASS BRACES.

“#ThrowbackThursday @nicolerichie and I being oh so cool at 13 years old,” Kim captioned the photo, in a classic Mean Girls move to share a photo of your frenemy in a slightly more embarrassing position than you, all in the name of *~*FRI3NDSHIP**~.

Apparently Nicole didn’t mind however. She regrammed the image—“Brace Yourselves!” she forewarned fans—and all was well in the fake college cafeteria that is Hollywood.

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