Kim Kardashian’s Kimoji App Made $1M Per Minute

Madison Vanderberg
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When Kim Kardashian unleashed her Kimoji app on Monday, many were aware that it had broken the App Store. We/I knew this because I tried to download the app and I couldn't. 

Once the Kim Kardashian empire got their tech sorted out, it seems like every damn person in the world was scrambling to buy the app which features emoji's of Kim's butt, her pregnant belly, a botox syringe…etc. They aren't really emojis so much as they are bitmojis – but with Kim K's likeness. 

It is estimated that more than 9,000 people per second were rushing to download the app which means the the app itself was generating over $1 Million per minute. So, sorry for going to college everyone else. Who knew a tiny illustration of your ass could garnish $1M per minute? Le sigh. 




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#ConvoWithMom #KIMOJI I know the App Store is still working hard to fix everyone's app!

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God bless the Kardashians for finding a way to infiltrate everything we love. First it was reality TV and now it’s our smartphones; Kim Kardashian has just launched Kimoji which is an emoji keyboard featuring ALL KIM K-INSPIRED EMOJIS! 

Now you can send someone a Kimoji of Kim’s butt, her boobs, or her face with a sh*t ton of contouring. There’s a Kimoji of some Yeezy Boosts and a waist trainer. There is also a Kimoji of a red cup and some gummy bears but we're not sure how those play into the Kim Kardashian universe.



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The app is supposed to launch today but I just checked the app store and there’s nothing there yet. But when it DOES launch, you know it’s going to crash like all the Kardashian-sponsored apps that came before it because the Kardashians are stupid popular and we as a people do not learn. 

However, as much as I am ambivalent about the Kardashian women themselves, you know I’m gonna get this Kimoji keyboard. Are you insane!? These are a bunch of fire emojis! Of course I want that butt emoji! These new emojis are gonna change the sexting game and you know it! Buh bai, eggplant and peach emoji, hello, naked Kim K torso. 


A Gamer's Wife

Kim Kardashian’s mobile game app was a huge success, making her approximately $85 million and spawning knockoffs from Katy Perry, Britney Spears and Demi Lovato. 

So, most likely, Kimoji will break the Internet as well.

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