Kris Jenner Competes with Daughters and Shares Own Bikini Photo

Matt Dekneef

It looks like the Kardashians have a little competition going on within the family. Kris Jenner uploaded a photo of herself in a bikini just days after Kim Kardashian shared her suspiciously warped selfie, and it’s safe to say this one has the potential to upstage her.

The 58-year-old Kardashian matriarch stole the spotlight from her daughters with this “flipagram” montage, which she captioned “celebrate life.”

The slideshow contained snapshots of the entire family, but the one that really eclipsed them all features Kris lounging poolside in a black bikini, arms outstretched.

With another bikini photo shoot, Kris made headlines (think about that while continuing to lose your faith in humanity) just hours after her 18-year-old daughter, aspiring model Kendall Jenner shared her own swimsuit photos, observed the New York Daily News.

Like it or not, she looks great for 58. Or 48, or 38 for that matter.

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