Lady Gaga’s Naked and Makeup-Free Photos

Madison Vanderberg

Raise your hand if you’ve seen Lady Gaga naked! That should be everyone. Lady Gaga’s obsession with posing “without makeup,” “in the nude,” and “fresh-faced,” is starting to tug at our patience.

The pop diva is obsessed with showing off her au naturel face and body and quite frankly, we’re super over it. We think she’s trying to make a statement, but Gaga we get it, “ARTPOP” is coming out on November 11, now put some clothes and makeup on.

1.     Lady Gaga posted this makeup-free face last year with the caption, “Have a beautiful day!!” Not with those eyebrows we won’t!

2.     Lady Gaga posted this newer makeup-free pic on her “Little Monsters” site earlier this week to prove that she is indeed part-alien.

3.     …And a week before that, she took off ALL her clothes and makeup and posed like this, because p*rn is now a career option for her.

4.     Here she is on the cover of Vanity Fair in September 2012 using her hair as a bra.

5.     Gaga dared to go without makeup again for this Harper’s Bazaar cover.

6.     And here’s Gaga straight up naked inside the pages of Vanity Fair.

7.     And lastly, here’s that photo that Gaga posted on her site when she revealed (aside from her body) her struggle with bulimia. 

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