Lamar Odom Furious That Daughter Bashed Khloe K

Matt Dekneef

Lamar Odom is steeped in negative press and the last thing he wants is more of it. Which is why he’s not at all happy with the way his 15-year-old daughter Destiny put his ex-wife Khloe Kardashian on blast in an informal Q&A online.

A source told In Touch that Lamar is livid upon learning of Destiny’s comments.

“When Destiny put that thing up, he was furious,” a source said. “He was screaming, ‘What the f***, what does Destiny think she is doing?’”

The source added that Lamar is now demanding that his ex Liza Morales discipline Destiny and make her apologize for her remarks, but she’s refusing to do so.

Destiny lives in New York and according to a source, Lamar “has not seen his kids since February” and will most likely be spending the holidays alone in LA.

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