Lamar Odom No Longer Denying Breakup Rumors

Madison Vanderberg

Up until now, everytime Lamar Odom would run into paparazzi on the streets, he’d engage them for a while and insist that he and Khloe Kardashian are doing JUST FINE. He’d talk about how their marriage was “unbreakable” and flash his wedding band.

Now that we’ve reported that Khloe is just days away from filing for divorce, Lamar has completely quit his “Khloe and I are fine” schtick.

Lamar was accosted by paparazzi cameras while getting dinner in the valley and when the paps asked how things with him and Khloe were, he simply gave them a coy yet sad smile and got into his car.

It was pretty sad, especially since Lamar has been super vocal in the past about the marriage.

It seems it truly IS over now.

Watch the video here.


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