Leaked Chris Hemsworth “Men in Black” Set Photos Show a Very Different Kind of Agent

Matthew Loffhagen
Sony Pictures
(Photo: Sony Pictures)

Fans of the original “Men in Black” movie (and its subsequent, less than groundbreaking sequels) are going to be watching Chris Hemsworth carefully.

The giant muscular Australian has been spotted on the set of the new “MIB”, and he’s certainly giving off some very different vibes to what we’re used to in this series.

Part of the central dynamic between Will Smith’s Agent J and Tommy Lee Jones’ Agent K in the original “Men in Black” is the fact that J feels that the entire agency is outdated and stuffy. Their black suits and uncaring demeanor, J feels, lacks a lot of pizzazz.

Chris Hemsworth Men in Black Set Photo
Source: Just Jared

The end of the first movie shows Smith’s character breaking with tradition by wearing a far more modern suit. This idea of modernization is never really explored in future movies.

As such, it’s fun to see Hemsworth with his jacket off, his sleeves rolled up, and his top button undone.

A Different Approach

I like this. Straight from these leaked set photos, it’s clear that the series is doing something different. Hemsworth’s character is either allowed to go a little more casual, or else he’s having an absolutely terrible day and he’s letting his Men in Black façade slip a little.

Either way, it means that we’re getting something new.

One of the big problems with the “Men in Black” sequels is that they try too hard to hit all of the same beats as the original movie. This is fine and all, but it doesn’t exactly make for compelling viewing.

This is especially disheartening considering how exciting the final scene of “Men in Black” is, with J and his new partner, L, bringing some much-needed fresh blood into the organization. But, Tommy Lee Jones sells movie tickets, so all of this progress is walked back in the first five minutes of “Men in Black 2” in favor of getting the boys back together.

Chris Hemsworth Set Photos
Source: Just Jared

I want to see something new. I’m very happy to see Chris Hemsworth roll up his sleeves and provide this novelty.

I’m now even more excited to see Hemsworth’s on-screen partner, played by Tessa Thompson. She, I feel, is going to be the more important character in terms of bringing greater originality to this project. Hemsworth can play the straightman very happily, and I just want to see the pair’s dynamic from “Thor: Ragnarok” continue.

Limited Relevance

Of course, costumes don’t define a movie, and a scene of Hemsworth with his sleeves rolled up hardly makes this film a must-see.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t remind myself that this movie is coming from Sony “We Pirated Our Own Movie by Accident” Pictures. All bets are off when it comes to stupid decisions with this studio.

Nevertheless, I’m cautiously optimistic. As much as I may criticize the “Men in Black” sequels, I do genuinely enjoy them and I think there’s something of merit in each of these films.

As such, I’m probably going to like whatever Thompson and Hemsworth do regardless of the film’s actual quality.

I’m just really hoping that this’ll be something more than just another attempt at reworking the original film.