Leaked ‘The Last Jedi’ Lego Image Reveals Snoke’s Golden Robe and an Evil BB-8

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Lego movie leaks are always fun.

No self-respecting movie studio would pass up a chance to make bank with a series of themed Lego sets, which naturally means that the popular children’s (and adult’s) building blocks often end up revealing more about an upcoming movie than a studio would like.

This time around, Lego’s teaming up with the Star Wars franchise, their original licensed movie brand, to bring kids of all ages some sweet The Force Awakens playsets – and, naturally, that means that fans can get a small glimpse of what’s to come in the movie by checking out what minifigures are available in one such set.

A leaked image of a thus-far unannounced set features an adorable minifig for Supreme Leader Snoke. Turns out the bad guy isn’t a giant after all – his figure is decidedly humanoid in stature, although he is a sharper dresser than we saw in The Force Awakens, as he sports a bright gold kimono.

The Last Jedi Lego
Source: Lego

There had been rumors bouncing around that we’d be seeing Snoke dressed in something other than Emperor Palpatine’s hand-me-downs, and it seems that this has proven true. Considering how much Lucasfilm toyed around with the design of Snoke before the release of The Force Awakens, it seems the studio has decided that this character just wasn’t interesting enough in his Sith-esque robes.

This golden suit may also suggest that we’ll see Snoke on Canto Bight, a new gambling planet that will play host to a Great Gatsby party at some point in The Last Jedi. In this case, Snoke might have some connection to other, brand new characters that will appear on this world, including Benicio Del Toro’s “DJ”, who’s believed to show his face during the party (or at the casino, if that’s actually what’s going on in the set photos we’ve seen).

Also very interesting is the appearance of BB-9E on the box for this Lego set. This, it seems, is a version of everyone’s favorite spherical droid, BB-8, that has turned to the dark side, under the employ of the First Order. Apparently these little astromechs are more common than we’d previously thought.

This makes sense, to a certain extent – nobody on the Death Star bats an eye at Threepio and Artoo during A New Hope, so clearly the Empire utilizes a wide variety of droids. It makes sense that the First Order would bulk order some of the new, popular BB units, give them a custom paint job, and send them to work fixing up all the computer panels that Kylo Ren smashes up while having a tantrum.

Or, perhaps this is actually BB-8 in disguise? It’s not a Star Wars movie if a character isn’t pretending to be an Imperial soldier of some description.

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