Lenny Kravitz’s Face Refuses to Age a Single Day

Matt Dekneef

Lenny Kravitz is a 49-year-old man. Or is he 28? Or 82?

There’s really no way to tell, honestly. Stroll through this evolution of the musician and watch him literally Benjamin Button himself because we swear he doesn’t get a day older. In fact, he looks to be getting, dare we say, younger.

Let’s look at Lenny in the late ’80s, early ’90s…

He’s 25-years-old here.

Smoldering for the most ’90s magazine ever: Sassy.

Here he is basking in his own fountain of youth.

And just casually playing the guitar. Now rip your eyes away from that image (we know it’s hard) and…


Let’s look at Lenny in the late ’90s…

Looking a little tired here…

But still ageless.

We’re honestly not seeing much of a difference.


Time to remember Lenny in the ‘00s…

He’s officially in his thirties here.

Here too.

Why doesn’t he have any wrinkles?

We’re actually starting to get a little worried.

Because it’s been about 10 years and he still looks the same.

All of him looks the same.

When will he start aging?

Not yet.

Still not yet.


Now let’s look at Lenny in the present day…

This is Lenny, 20 years after his career first started.

What is this wizardry? Lenny, teach us your ways.

The ways of your face.

Because it’s like a time capsule with eyes from 1995.


Lenny’s Instagram is a testament to this reverse-aging phenomena that is unique to Lenny. Follow him here.

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