Leonardo DiCaprio Has Basically Died in All of His Movies

Matt Dekneef

Leonardo DiCaprio has been in 25 films since 1993. He has died in nearly half of them.

As hard as it is to watch this charming man submit to a tragic fate before the credits roll, let’s relive every single one of them. Spoilers ahead!

1. He’s shot in the back and then drowns in his swimming pool.


Anyone who did their freshmen English lit. homework saw this coming in The Great Gatsby.

2. He’s shot in the chest by Christoph motherf***ing Waltz.


Getting what he deserved in Django Unchained.

3. He suffers a heart attack.


As J. Edgar Hoover in J. Edgar.

4. He receives a quick bullet to the head.


Making for a surprising ending in The Departed.

5. He falls into an alternate dream reality, which is basically the same as death.


Inception really effed Leo up.

6. He bleeds out on a mountain in South Africa…


In Blood Diamond.

7. He curls up into a ball of loneliness and dies.


So he didn’t technically die on-screen, but had he been allowed to live out the rest of Howard Hughes’ short life in The Aviator, that would’ve been his demise.

8. He undergoes a lobotomy. So, like, basically brain DEAD.


Is he dead? Is he crazy? Is he really in Shutter Island.

9. He is frozen in the subzero temperatures of the Atlantic Ocean.


Titanic, duh.

10. He poisons himself.


In the name of ~true love~ in Romeo + Juliet.

11. He succumbs to a cancer that has spread all over his body.


It is a tragic end for Arthur Rimbaud in Total Eclipse.

12. He is shot in a quick-draw competition.


Because he wasn’t fast enough to kill his dad in The Quick and the Dead.


Survey says: dude is really good at dying. All we know is if he doesn’t finally win an Oscar this year, someone’s going to end up dead. Or Leo himself might just die.


Please let him win.


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