Liam and Miley to Announce Split by Next Month

Matt Dekneef

You think you’ve had it with the attention Miley Cyrus has wrought with her MTV VMA performance? Well, it’s nothing compared to being Liam Hemsworth, which sources told In Touch is “mortified by her raunchy, classless VMA performance.”

“First it was her crazy ‘We Can’t Stop’ video,” the insider added, “and now [the VMAs]. She may have finally gone too far.” The performance even instigated a blow out between the two of them and “he’s now giving her the silent treatment.”

Miley’s transformation has taken a toll on their relationship; it’s so drastic that they’re just weeks away from breaking up, a source revealed to Us Weekly.

“They’re just weeks away from calling it off permanently,” the source said, citing an emotional distance between Liam and Miley over the singer’s new image.

“He is over her and wants to make a clean break,” the insider explained, saying they’re no longer negotiating their engagement.

As for Miley?

“She doesn’t care at all,” said the source. “She’s young and if he wants to go, she thinks it’s fine.” 

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