Lil Wayne Could Leave Hospital Today

Madison Vanderberg

According to, the absolute last word on all things hip-hop, Lil Wayne is expected to make a complete recovery and could even be leaving the hospital today.

Hooray! After TMZ’s threatening series of posts last week that suggested that Weezy might die, we were seriously scared.

Now, the over-the-top tabloid is also reporting the good news, saying that Wayne has been moved from the ICU and into a normal hospital room, which is a very good sign. He’s even walking around and eating food on his own, joined by his entourage of body guards of course. #CashMoolahBaby

Last week TMZ reported that he was in an induced coma, which basically means “death bed,” and people were up in arms, claiming that TMZ killed a man before he was dead.

Thankfully, it seems like the rapper could be going home today, according to a source close to Cash Money Records.

Now, let’s hope he stops drinking sizzurp as it was reported that Wayne started having seizures after he OD’d on codeine (the ingredient in sizzurp) and had to have his stomach pumped 3 times.

We know all the cool kids are doing sizzurp, but Weezy, we’d like to hear “Tha Carter V,” and not via hologram in 15 years at Coachella.

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