From Lindsay to Christina: 5 Failed Comebacks

Madison Vanderberg
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Ahh, the celebrity comeback. Sometimes, it can be a great thing i.e. Mark Wahlberg, John Travolta, Robert Downey Jr.

But other times when a comeback is staged, everyone makes a huge deal out of it, and then WOMP WOMP nothing happens.

These are the comebacks that didn’t work. The failed returns. And the most underwhelming Hollywood reappearances. Lindsay Lohan in “Liz & Dick” – “Liz & Dick” was supposed to be the acting role that put Lindsay Lohan back on the map. Well, the movie came and went and then Lindsay punched a girl at a nightclub, became a The Wanted groupie, had her bank accounts seized by the IRS, and was faced with 9 months in jail. Last we checked she can’t afford her house payment anymore. So, comeback…considered yourself unfulfilled.   

Christina Aguilera on “The Voice” – Christina’s stint on “The Voice” was supposed to boost sales of her own music. While it only made Adam Levine MORE famous, Christina’s latest release “Lotus” is her lowest charting album to date. Sorry bout it.

The Jonas Brothers Solo Careers – Once the Jonas Brothers officially broke up, they took a hiatus from fame. Their fans grew up and nobody really talked about them anymore, so Nick and Joe tried their hand at solo careers, unfortunately their solo albums sold a couple thousands copies when their group’s albums used to sell millions. Kevin was the only one who did it right, he got married and filmed an E! reality series. 

John Mayer’s New Album – John Mayer used to be the love-song guru, then he went away for a bit, took a detour dating Taylor Swift, turned into a Johnny Depp impersonator, announced his return to music and then BOOM, he got granuloma and since then his music career has been on hold indefinitely because he’s not allowed to sing. But he IS dating Katy Perry, so bonus? 

Britney Spears on “The X Factor” – Britney Spears was paid $15 million to join the judging panel of “The X Factor” in the hopes that she would help ratings. Turns out, ratings dropped 25% after Britney joined the show.  Not only was it NOT a comeback for the show, but it didn’t help Britney’s career either. Exhibit A: “Scream & Shout” with

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